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interbellum is an audiovisual collective consisting of the musicians and instrument builders Nathan Marcus and Loden Rietveld and theatre designers Malou Palmboom and Aimée Gersons, based in Utrecht, the Netherlands. The collective creates immersive audiovisual performances and carefully constructed dreamscapes.


interbellum’s newest project “symbiotic interlude” explores how nature and technology meet. How do these seemingly opposite entities connect and what do natural and technological systems have in common? Join us in our alternative reality where rugged rainforests meet cable clutter and fireflies move to electronic music.




this is us:


conducts tactile and textile experiments to create organic shapes in mythical spaces to connect human and nature. Oversees the whole, ensures the landscape maintains a fluid and elegant feel.

set- costume and performance designer, instrument designer, cable embroiderer

fuses scenography & instruments to dream-like worlds. Magic motions, materials, shades. Lives & breathes interbellum since its dawn and nurtures the set until the last second of every performance.

initiator, set- costume and performance designer, instrument inventor & designer, pillow producer

hears and unveils the details of the sounds of the little things through invented instruments. Converts recorded fields into pulsating computer code and breathing lights. Birthed interbellum during wine-fueled nights with Loden.

initiator, instrument inventor & designer, musician, coder, 3D (print) designer, cube-steerer

hacks and solders the most complicated electronics patiently in order to give them life as an unpredictable musical being. Melts unearthly organic sounds to morphing compositions. Birthed interbellum during wine-fueled nights with Nathan.


initiator, instrument inventor & designer, musician, coder, rain and hardware-designer


interbellum x Dawn Of A New World - Vogelfrei - Utrecht - 27/10/2023

Nachtvisie Utrecht - Club BASIS - Utrecht - 18/02/2023

Tiny Room Records - Irene Cassini - Vechtclub - Utrecht - 07/11/2022

Flora Ex Machina installation by Andreas Tegnander - Kunstkapel - Amsterdam - 27/08/2022

Synthese - Stadsklooster - Utrecht - 19/11/2021

Le Guess Who? - Het UitvindersGilde - Utrecht - 14/11/2021

Ars Electronica - Kapitaal - Utrecht - 10/09/2020

Cultfarm - Stranded FM - Utrecht - 03/09/2020

Dutch Design Week - De Fabriek / Hotel Insomnia - Eindhoven - 23/10/2019

Nederlands Film Festival - Bring Your Own Beamer - Nicolaikerk - Utrecht - 07/09/2019

Golffestival - Houtnacht - Haarlemmerhout - Haarlem - 15/06/2019

The First Time Always Hurts - LOU Oudenoord - Utrecht - 10/05/2019

Februari EP release party - Koffie Leute / Brauhaus - Utrecht - 15/03/2019

F1rst Friday - Corrosia - Almere - 01/02/2019

Onderwijsdag HKU - Tivoli Vredenburg - Utrecht - 10/01/2019

The Postroom - De Nijverheid - Utrecht - 23/11/2018

PastPresentFuture Festival - Paradiso - Amsterdam - 16/10/2018

Betweter Festival - Tivoli Vredenburg - Utrecht - 05/10/2018

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